Video Production in Washington & Northern Oregon

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​Included for $795

  • 2hrs on location

  • Basic edit included (up to 2hrs of editing time)

  • Digital delivery (Thumb drives & DVD's are available)

Why We're Different

  • There are no hidden costs. If you want more advanced editing, you can purchase that, but for $795, you get a finished HD video! 

  • Our primary videographer, present on every shoot, is not a hobbyist. Jami has a Bachelor's in Digital Cinematography from renown media arts school, Full Sail University.

  • We use professional video equipment, not professional photography equipment (like DSLR cameras) as our primary means of filming, contrast to many videographers. DSLR cameras can typically only record 20-30 minutes at a time. A professional video camera can record for hours at a time and allow us not to miss a moment. 

  • We're transparent about our prices and our services. There are no conditions that you must email or contact us for information except for availability -- we believe your time is more valuable than that. In fact, to be most respectful of your time, here are the few things we may charge an additional fee for if needed: your video on DVD, your video on a thumb drive, additional editing time/advanced editing (to be discussed before being done), additional/run-over time on location, travel costs when required. 

Why 2hrs?

Jami had a goal of building a service that was customer focused: 

  • It would capture the most valuable parts of an event without a lot of excess

  • It would have a relatively fast turnaround time

  • It would be comparatively affordable


We believe 2hr live event event videography does all of that!

Capturing excess video footage, while fun and rewarding in it's own way at times, is time consuming. It's time consuming to film and it's especially time consuming to edit and the harsh truth of it is that most of the footage from an all day or multi-day event goes unused. However, all of it still has to be edited down and evaluated. After all, why was it filmed if not to have it as an option in the final cut?


Anything that's time consuming, becomes costly to the customer. We have found that when customers really understand that, they are able to choose the two most important hours of an event without hesitation.  


Don't get us wrong, we understand this concept isn't for everyone. We have done our fair share of full day weddings and multi-day events, but those often take months to get a completed project back to a client. Yes, that's plural -- months! It also typically costs a client thousands of dollars. Being a natural problem solver and Disney trained in customer service (or "guest" service, for those of you who know Disney), Jami wanted to put another option out there. So, that's when she got to work to come up with a solution. Hence, the 2hr live event services were born! Now, that's what we focus on offering. To us, it's the best of customer service.

Please email!

If you're interested in our 2hr event videography services, please email us with the date of your event, type of event, location (venue, city, and state), and the two hours you're interested in having filmed. We will get back to you with our availability.


Thank you for your interest!

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